15W Triple Classic

15W Triple Classic

cdn$1099.  Three channels:  M, F, and V.  15W from a pair of EL84's.  Has a loop.  Main signal path for both channels is point to point, and even as the wiring could be visually slightly (cont'd)

More details


(cont'd) confusing, the signal path is about as pure as you can get.  e.g. Plate resistors are ON THE TUBE SOCKET WHICH IS THE BEST PLACE FOR THEM. 

From the purchaser: "Hey Randy I have had some time with the amp now amd just wanted to give you a very big thank you.  This amp has exceeded my expectations and sounds amazing.  The Fender is very Fender, the Marshall is very Marshall, and the Vox is Vox..."


This is a lifetime amp, and is loud enough and soft enough for almost application. 

I doubt ANYONE has built more guitar amps than I have.  Nor has anyone built the VARIETY I have. 

email me with any questions, (don't use the site's internal messaging)

If you looking for a custom version there are many different options:

-many faceplate colours avail

-custom name if you like

-Located in Windsor, Ontario, never had a issue shipping to the US


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