80W Harem Duophonic

cdn$ pricing.  I have built many variations of the his circuit for almost a decade.  But earlier this year I got a request for another one but I did quite a few tweaks to the circuit.  Holy Crap! This amp is just fabulous, lush rich overdrive.  HaReM stands for Hot Rubber Monkey? Hot Rodded Marshall? You'll have to ask Dumble himself.  Cont'd below.

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Tube Recto!  4X6L6GC in the output stage.  Custom super-excellent 12AT7 phase inverter.  Loop!  The M at the Gain 2 is pull for "Marshall" - a little more cranked plexi vs the richer overdrive of the D-style.  I couldn't help but play a bunch of riffs from VH1 with Gain 2 pulled.  This is a lifetime amp.  Channel switcher, blackface (Corona) clean channel.  Ready to go! Never had an issue when shipping to the US via Fedex. If shipping is less I will refund the difference.  email me direct at  (the messaging through the site is a little flaky)


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