Pasadena 50

cdn$889 (=US$698).  This is a 2xEL34 classic M style.  Has a loop - one that I have been using for years, based on Naylor SD60.  I have been building amps for a long long time and rest assured this thing kicks.  This is the same as the M50X but does not have the footswitchable boost. 


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Consider me as a good chef and you are at my restaurant.  You are asking for a steak - you aren't instructing how to cook it, you are trusting that the chef knows how to prepare a steak.  Same situation here, but instead of steak you are looking for a custom M style amp.  I have built more amps than probably anyone ever.  I know what good tone is, and what makes an amp great. 

Main signal path is point to point and components are in the best possible position.

We have a Friedman Small Box here - please check the youtube clip put up Dec 13, 2019.  search Phaez Pasadena 50

Depth does to the low end what presence does to the high end.

Any questions - email me at  Contacting through this site can be flaky so don't use it.

This is for the completed amp in head cab with tubes.

There is a jack on the rear to do a quick check of the bias (measures current)

This one is READY TO GO!  Never had a issue shipping to the US

Shipping is not free, I will collect from you the exact amount, after I ship it. 


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