Atticus 5W aka Roxanna

ON SALE!  $200 discount. This version is 5W with a single 6V6 in the output stage.   The channels complement each other nicely. Truly world class. Hi channel is extremely refined hot rodded Marshall.  MANY years of tweaking.  Corona is all Fender Blackface, but better. 

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Email me with any questions, or if you want to pay in US$ (US$615) 

Do not use the contact info on this site - it is flaky!  Any questions email me directly at

Relays are used for channel switching and the important thing is they are not in the signal path when that channel is selected. 

The price of cdn$799 includes amp, head cab, tubes, and footswitch. 

Head cab is excellent construction - finger-jointed pine. 

Here is a message from someone who purchased an Atticus 35 "I just had an extended play through the Atticus 35 and I gotta say how happy I am with it.  It is replacing a Marshall DSL 100 and wow it blows it away in every aspect.  I am thrilled!"

Here is a note from another purchaser (Aug 2022): "Just got done with a test drive of my new Atticus 35....WOW!  Unbelievable performance of this 35W amp.  It is hard to imagine that kind of tone coming from a 20lb amp (probably 22lbs)...I love it!  My 80lb JCM800 may never see the light of day again.  Thank you so much for sending such a killer amp and getting it here so quickly"

Another buyer said: "First off, I just wanted to say the Atticus 6L6 is incredible.  Both channels are exactly what I was looking for.  The Corona is so warm and spanky even with my Les Paul, and has really nice breakup when pushed.  The OD channel is so smooth and full.  Gain for days!  I don't think I will be using any of my other amps for a while.  I never thought I'd find an amp that had both a clean and dirty channel that I liked., and in your amp, they're literally both perfect"

If you want to buy just put it in your cart and check out.  I will get the shipping from you later.  Other versions can be a little cheaper.

Single ended low wattage Atticus is possible, along with PP 2xEL84, 2x6V6, 2x 6L6, 2xEL34, 4x6L6, etc.  Chassis-only option is available too. 

Jukejoint Deluxe is another custom build and this Duophonic platform will be one of my main CORE products. 


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