Pasadena 18 PP EL84's

Chassis only.  I have likely built more EL84 amps than ANYONE, and this one is the champ.  Pasadena is the hometown of EVH and the circuit is a refinement of the SIBLY, Jackal, etc.  Medium to hi gain.  Check youtube "Phaez Pasadena 18" for a nice clip.  Cleans up nicely.  Better than a Friedm** Pink Taco (we have one)

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email me at  Don't use the internal contact of this site, it is unreliable.

This one is ready to go.  We can supply a head cab if you like.  Or check with Sourmash, Bob does a lot of cabs for Phaez amps.  Or build your own.  Chassis size is 16.50" x 7.75" x 2.5"  Need about 3.5" to 4" above the chassis.  Overall dimensions for the head cab would be around 19.5" x 8" tall x 9" deep. 

Power transformer is an awesome toroid which runs quiet and cool.

This thing really does CLEAN TO MEAN.

Output tubes included, 4 mounting screws included, and a Phaez nameplate. 

You supply 3 x 12AX7

"Fidget" is a custom version of the Pasadena, just made as small as possible. Here are the comments from the guy who custom ordered "Fidget" :  "Outanding!  A Home Run!  Exactly what I wanted and you nailed it!  It sings but also cleans up nicely with surprising headroom from an 18W "gainy" amp.  I took it to a friend's where we (a bunch of guitar knuckleheads) played it until about 6AM.  You're gonna sell a bunch of these.  Once again - FANTASTIC amp, definitely more Phaez in my future"

I put a cleanish clip up on youtube (Feb 11, 2019)

Super clean signal path - components are placed IN THE BEST POSITION POSSIBLE (very important)

Never had an issue shipping to the US.  Shipping is not free, it will be whatever the real Fedex is, and I will get from you just after I ship it. 


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